1st Annual Alec Goldman

Poker Tournament!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 26th at 4pm in Yorba Linda. Click here for more info.

On the afternoon of November 27, 2013, Alec Goldman was driving to work on his motorcycle when he was struck by another driver and left him severely injured. Today, Alec lies in a hospital bed that holds his paralyzed body along with the uncertainties of his future.

GoldmanStrong.org was created to keep family and friends informed of Alec's progress. You can also find upcoming fundraising events, help support Alec, read blog updates, learn about spinal cord injuries, and send a note to Alec and his family.

Together with friends and family, the Goldman's want to extend a thank you for all of the support, constant prayers, and all of the positive thoughts and vibes in honor of Alec’s steady recuperation. As he embarks on this arduous healing process, let us all be agents of optimism for Alec and his loving family in all ways possible, just as he always has been for all of us.

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